Adwoa Paintsil

Dorcas Adwoa Paintsil

Board Member

Dorcas Adwoa Paintsil, a Ghanaian national, is a distinguished Water Quality Specialist with a wealth of experience in water resources management, environmental quality, and sustainable development. Her commitment to advancing water-related issues in Ghana is evident through her extensive education, professional training, and diverse employment record.

Dorcas Adwoa Paintsil holds a Master in Philosophy in Botany from the University of Ghana (1993) and a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Botany/Zoology from the same institution (1987). Her commitment to continuous learning is showcased by her participation in various professional training programs, including PR, Environment, and Sustainability Training, Water Information Network Systems (WINS) in Togo, and the Global Workshop on Ecosystem-based Adaptation in Transboundary Basins in Geneva.

With a career spanning several decades, Dorcas Adwoa Paintsil has held key positions in the water resources sector. Currently serving as the Acting Executive Secretary since April 2022, she has been the Director of Environmental Quality at the Water Resources Commission since January 2016. Her roles include Chief Officer Water Quality (2011-2015), Water Quality Specialist at the Water Resources Commission (2001-2010), Research Officer at the Water Research Institute (1992-2001), and Teaching Assistant at the University of Ghana (1988-1990).

Dorcas Adwoa Paintsil has been instrumental in developing frameworks for raw water quality criteria and guidelines in Ghana. She has a proven track record in designing and executing nationwide water quality monitoring networks and coordinating policy issues related to water quality. Her expertise extends to developing river basin management structures and water sector reforms in various African countries.

Dorcas Adwoa Paintsil has contributed significantly to the field, presenting papers at international conferences and authoring publications on water quality, pollution, and ecosystem management. Her research has addressed critical issues such as drinking water safety plans, surface water pollution, and the impact of artisanal mining on natural water resources.

She actively participates in national and international committees, showcasing her dedication to advancing water-related initiatives. She has chaired committees, served as a focal person for transboundary river management, and contributed to the drafting of guides for reporting under the Water Convention and SDG 6.5.2.

Dorcas Adwoa Paintsil’s career and contributions underscore her commitment to sustainable water management and environmental conservation in Ghana. Her expertise, leadership, and advocacy have left a lasting impact on the nation’s water quality and resources.