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Sandra Serwaa Kyere

Chief Executive Officer

Sandra Serwaa Kyere holds Master of Science Degree in Project Management from University of Cape Coast, Ghana. Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and Linguistics from University of Ghana, Diploma in Archives Administration, University of Ghana. Certificate in The Power of Markets (Micro Macro Economics- University of Rochester, USA), Certificate in the Basics of Petroleum Management Norway, Certificate in Process Safety and Environmental Impact Assessment (Erm-Uk), Certificate in Natural Resources for Sustainable Development (SDG Academy) and a Certificate in Leadership Development, South Africa.

Sandra S. Kyere is a staff of the Environmental Protection Agency Accra, Ghana as a Program Officer and attached to the Petroleum Department. She is experienced in several ways such as Environmental Impact Assessment, Shoreline Clean-up and Assessment Techniques and Waste Management, Oil Spill Contingency Planning and Response and Geographical Information System amongst others.

Sandra is an industrious woman and married with two adorable children.